A text-based game where you navigate the tricky headspace of a teenager who is going to see a movie with his friend.

There’s no underlying intent to watching this movie. You’re just a cinephile who appreciates modern classics! Who cares if it prominently features a gay romance!

Click through several dialogue options to determine how the protagonist processes what’s around him. Certain events during the story will trigger mini-game sequences that will affect the protagonist’s perspective.

est playtime: 5-10 min

3 different endings!

Concept- @moawling + @cavegift
Code + Writing - @cavegift
Art- @moawling
Music - @LydianChord + @bad_cartridge


IsItThatDeep-1.03-mac.zip 24 MB
IsItThatDeep-1.03-pc.zip 41 MB


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This is sooo cute, the artsyle is amazing too


the art style is beautiful tho 


Im stuck at the part where you look at the guy with the arrow keys. :((

Super adorable, though it almost hit a bit too close to home for comfort :P

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I love this game. No homo tho

gosh that was so cute and relatable


I really love this game <3


It's so cute and heartwarmingly awkward I love this game!

it looks so lovely!


Really cute and enjoyable game, had a lot of fun! No homo :DD


Is this whole game a brokeback mountain reference?

oh my god i love it so much

good game

i thg this is whit a gun


me tying to fix my gaze for ten hours be like fuck it hi clay


Same tho. But I kept trying and ended up having the screen say "You look back up at the screen" for the longest and come back to find the end.


super cute!! i love your artstyle as well!


very good and cute, personally love that one of the endings is titled 'boy' and that you can get all three endings easily enough, great game, would kind of like a sequel, but thats just me being greedy lol


i love de game


I feel this is quite accurate to anyone who's gone to a movie with some spicy gay in it and you feel the same way towards the person you went with. Considering the game really well done, the dialogue was cute and enjoyable. The art and images was really good i adore pixel. 5/5


that sounds like its accurate to anyone who's gone to a movie with spicy romance in general, and feels that way towards the person they went with.


cute! i love this, good work :D


Cuteeeeee ;D


Cute, adorable and nice and short. Quite nicely done for such a short game. The minigames/options were easy and not too over the top. 7.5/10


the art is genuinely really good!!

Can you port this to Android???

cool :D


i loved owowowo


very good game i got 3 endings is there more and will this become a longer game


this is so cute my heart..... amazing job!!


This game is so cute! I had a lot of fun trying to get all the three endings!

i love shit like this so adorable


omf that was adorable

this is so cute omg :((

cute little game about budding romance :,)


Heh took me some tries to get all the endings but in the end was pretty cool. If you make another game (or uh if you have another one i guess) i'd probably play it! Anyways, pretty good.


That was so good,love the charaters and how the story is told. Love the boy ending that was so cute ^^.




this was the greatest game ever


this bromance shit hit too deep no homo

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