A text-based game where you navigate the tricky headspace of a teenager who is going to see a movie with his friend.

There’s no underlying intent to watching this movie. You’re just a cinephile who appreciates modern classics! Who cares if it prominently features a gay romance!

Click through several dialogue options to determine how the protagonist processes what’s around him. Certain events during the story will trigger mini-game sequences that will affect the protagonist’s perspective.

est playtime: 5-10 min

3 different endings!

Concept- @moawling + @cavegift
Code + Writing - @cavegift
Art- @moawling
Music - @LydianChord + @bad_cartridge


IsItThatDeep-1.03-mac.zip 24 MB
IsItThatDeep-1.03-pc.zip 41 MB


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sis I am YELLING....my WIG...


13747292837/10 this game is my absolute favorite!!!!! It makes me so happy. You should make a second one/continue with this story! I would definitely play!

This game was awesome, cute !!!! i was hoping they woukd kiss at the end... 5/5 stars ! 

this is so cute omg!! the dialogue is really natural and the characters are adorable!


I guess it is that deep bro

lol wtf



Love the aesthetic. I can tell a lot of heart went into this game, and the characterization is beautiful, especially within the short amount of time.


Could you maybe make this a full game? It’s so cute and good but it’s so short I wish there was more


Very cute, relatable and well done :)


a sweet and adorable game that reminds me of the constant struggles i've had--- a lot of us, actually of growing up inside the closet. Something we can't really take back. Nonetheless, i enjoyed it!


its a bit glitchy but still funny :






You This game is really cute and fun, I just wish there were more endings to it. But still 5/5 stars


Short, free text-based game about awkward teen guys watching a gay cowboy movie together. The writing style feels really authentic. Well worth playing! 5/5 stars - outstanding.


Really cute !


Got all the endings! BOY was my favourite. I felt bad about getting the DENIAL ending though lol.

cute ;w;


i can only get the boy ending ;(


I had fun play this game. I played on Newgrounds and it was a little glitchy at times on there but nonetheless I enjoyed the experience! Seriously what a great game! 

Thank you for making this game! The art is superb, the story was pretty captivating and cute, and I really enjoyed these little mini games that let you immerse into the game even more. Good luck with your future works! 

LOVE THIS!! the colors, the little interactions, etc etc <<33


le gay smile :)


Very nice art and I really enjoyed the writing between the two characters :)

so cute!


really love this game! i love the bond between the two, shows how beautiful love is. game design's great too as well! I LOVE IT

I really like this game! :) Kind of reminds me what I wished my teenage years were like......


loved the art and palette. didn't really figure out how the last part with the looking around worked. I just mashed for a long time in many different ways until the game moved on.

a simple, yet really cute story


very cute! butts foreverr

i loved the art so much!! the game was so simple and cute i loved it ;((

a really cute game about being in the closet. boy ending is best 100%