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Aaaah this game is so cute!! and I would watch that movie no gonna lie..

ww cute. def no homo


Adorable wwww like it


so cute... def no personal bias at all, no no, no homo here. didn't touch me at all bro *cries on the floor*


Is the boy ending the gay secret ending because that was not satisfactory.


someone please answer this question i have to know


the looking part is a lil buggy


yeah im not sure what to really do from  there bc its just me looking around

Does anyone know how to get out of this lag?


They were best friends. Roommates, even. 

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this is the game for the retarded small dick gay community consisting of michael bloomberg and his boyfriend gay actor michael douglas. they have a secret tryst between two gay billionaires who are now in the closet, and gay actor michael douglas loves the way bloomberg chokes him with his cock.

in all seriousness this was a pretty okay game. i think the wariowareesque minigames add an interesting touch to the standard visual novel format, but they're not executed well since they're sparse and usually boring. i also found the dialogue kind of corny and fetishizing.

however, it had great ideas, and it was pretty funny to an extent. i hope the developer works on better projects though.



rlly cute game! & the gay cowboy movie also sounds cute (& sad) <3


Help how do ya get the gay ending?

You say that you like the movie, don't move your arm, say that the ass is ripped, and keep looking at the boy

Have a nice gameplay!


def no homo whatsoever 

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dude how do u get the gay ending bro?, no homo


YAYYY!! I got the gay ending! (It only took me 4 tries but whv) 

The only part that was confusing was when you had to shift your gaze between the screen and clay, it lagged a lot and it took a while for it to move on, but great game!!


omg how i want to see them breed ravenously


ew that is disgusting ( me too




ew what they're minors, wtf



it calls them teenagers and the age people call teenagers is about 13-17 which are minors so uh... yeah.


love the story, but there was one problem. after the minigame where you mash the arrow keys, (and idk if its the game, or my computer acting slow,) the dialogue just kind of glitched out I guess ?? like it would freeze for a minute or two, then go through the rest of the dialogue to the point where i couldn't even read it. anyone else have this problem ???

same thing happened to me



you have to select that the movie was nominated for the first choice and then leave ur hand on his, then say sum about the lighting when the ass shows up. your welcome!!

thank you!


yeah i got the non gay ending (I am in fact actually not gay so yeah)


Massive L


not gay as in ace but i mean i am depressed so I'm not saying you are wrong


bruh same tho


I cant get the last one of the 3 endings lmao, this game is so cute tho


that was really cute, no homo. it was fun trying to get all three endings, no homo tho


SO CUTTTE! But Why is there no other CG? You can at least show us the picture of them kissing! Or can I get through other endings to see the CG I want to see? (doge)


i love this game!!! so much!!! but by chance were you into homestuck at some point because the dialogue reads like that a tiny bit lmao


oh my god I loved all ten minutes of this game, the story and the ART is just amazing!

Hello! I haven't began to play the game yet because there's a bug where I click "fullscreen" and it zooms in. I try to refresh but it just won't seem to fix it.


I got all the endings! It's very sweet and actually hits a little close to home, even though it's rather wholesome <3 I ship MC and Clay.


I had a little trouble trying to figure out how to navigate and honestly I have no idea if I did good or bad, I mean I managed to get the BOY Ending so maybe okay? Other than that it was a simple but cute game. I will now ship the MC and Clay thank you very much.


So sad TwT

there is no ending where they kiss each other ! But clay is handsome though, and his "friend" too !


this game is good but why does it take 10 mintutes to end the part where you look around


i love this game nut for some reason when it gets to the spacebar bit it wont work. no matter how much i press the pacebar the game dosent respond. can anyone help me fix this?

Same here, I can't get in full screen so the page will just jump down when I press space :( 


it’s a bummer, I really wanted to play this game 




so, I came here from the recommended games of a pixilated horror game, didnt read the description, and was expecting a pixilated horror game. Instead I got a gay cowboy movie theatre romance and I was not disappointed. 10/10 would watch if real.

I LOVEEE THIS!!! Is literally so sweet! And it reminded me a little bit of "Brokeback Mountain" soo it's definitely a masterpiece. <333




OMGG! I would love it! :DDD

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your comment gave me the idea of writing the fanfic, i'll be posting the link on here soon!


omg cant wait


will keep you updated uwu 


how is the fanfic going UvU?

hii, i started it, but haven't got much time to finish it since I'm in the middle of studying for my exams. But I promise I'll have it ready after that!

Got all the ending!


Dude, this game is awesome! The story and dialogue are so sweet! I hope they make a part two. 


Fantastic game! It was cute and touching. I love it. Realistic and probably relatable to a lot of people in at least one way. Highly recommend!


The scene with the arrow-keys does go on for a bit too long (at least in the browser version). Got all three endings, very cute and stylish game!

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Same. It took me out of the game because I was so confused why it was taking so long.


i keep getting the boy ending, is there a guide? 


oh my god. i was not expecting this game to be so good. i'm literally crying over it as i'm writing this. the representation is fabulous, and the dialogue makes it feel so real. it's definitely a new comfort game for me. i seriously can't express how much i love this game!!! <33


I thought the game was just about a "not too deep movie", i didn't know it was gay though, so it was a pleasant surprise, it was so cute i want to cry. This was so good and wholesome, thank u <3
(btw i love the art and colorscheme, it fits just perfectly, as well as the brokeback mountain movie they were watching)


this game is so cute i loved it

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