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so, I came here from the recommended games of a pixilated horror game, didnt read the description, and was expecting a pixilated horror game. Instead I got a gay cowboy movie theatre romance and I was not disappointed. 10/10 would watch if real.

I LOVEEE THIS!!! Is literally so sweet! And it reminded me a little bit of "Brokeback Mountain" soo it's definitely a masterpiece. <333



OMGG! I would love it! :DDD

Got all the ending!

Dude, this game is awesome! The story and dialogue are so sweet! I hope they make a part two. 

Fantastic game! It was cute and touching. I love it. Realistic and probably relatable to a lot of people in at least one way. Highly recommend!


The scene with the arrow-keys does go on for a bit too long (at least in the browser version). Got all three endings, very cute and stylish game!

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Same. It took me out of the game because I was so confused why it was taking so long.

i keep getting the boy ending, is there a guide? 


oh my god. i was not expecting this game to be so good. i'm literally crying over it as i'm writing this. the representation is fabulous, and the dialogue makes it feel so real. it's definitely a new comfort game for me. i seriously can't express how much i love this game!!! <33


I thought the game was just about a "not too deep movie", i didn't know it was gay though, so it was a pleasant surprise, it was so cute i want to cry. This was so good and wholesome, thank u <3
(btw i love the art and colorscheme, it fits just perfectly, as well as the brokeback mountain movie they were watching)


this game is so cute i loved it


This was a cute, short game. I would recommend for new gaymers.




This game was really great! The mini games were fun to play, and the characters felt like real people. I would love to play more games like this in the future.


I love this game!!!! i hope there will be more


ah yes the three endings. reflection, boy and denial


What a great game! On another completely unrelated note, I think I'm gonna ask if my friend wants to go see a movie


what a odd thing to suddenly do! I hope you two have fun as good friends! ;)


This was adorable!!!!


aaaa i adored this <3

I'm having a problem with the meter mini game at the start were it would do nothing. I would click or press any button but it seem to do nothing, im still able to save or load but I'm stuck in that part, does anyone know how to fix it 


okay i know you said that you pressed any button but have you tried space? that's what it says to do. if that doesn't work then try reinstalling it?


That was really cute. Love them


Really cute and nice! The artstyle is stunning and the music is simple and catchy. I really enjoyed the characters and I would honestly play a whole game like this.




Audio bugs frequently, game doesn’t continue at the “arrow key” scene. Nice story, good idea but seems rather quick and dirty programmed.


It's a nice and short game, I enjoyed it a lot. All the endings were very good and the interactions between the guys were nice and cute.


how do you get past the arrow part?


i just tried looking at clay for like a minute, gave up, looked back at the movie and it worked


it's a cute, short and fun game. i already found all three endings! i really enjoyed it

Waw i like it.

Short and sweet. Really liked the art and music, although the text was a little small playing on a web browser. I'm rooting for these two!

I love this. Short but sweet! well done you guys! <3


wholesome game, oh my gosh game, liked the endings (homo, neutral, NO HOMO!!!)


this was actually too fuckingggg adorable. I got the "reflection" ending first and then the "boy" ending. Adorable :]

how do you get the reflection ending

you have to pick the middle part of the spacebar event, click the bottom left text panel and then talk about how the cowboy's ass is a reflection of a sunset and finally just stare at the movie

that's what i did and i got that ending


'hey ur secret is safe with me

love is love'



omg this was literally the cutest~


This was really cute I like it a lot ^^


How dare you make this game without making them kiss


Im stuck at the part where your supposed to look at the dude it keeps repeating 


if you look at him it shows a different ending that if you stay looking at the screen, i hope this helps you ;)


this was a cute game! i really appreciate short games and this one was great! i was able to get all three endings pretty easily and really enjoyed them!

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